Bill Windsor’s First Job Was a Dream Job

My first job was a dream job.  At the age of 16, when I got my driver’s license, I managed to get a summer job delivering prescriptions for Security Pharmacy in Lubbock, Texas.

Nothing could have been better than getting to drive all day!  I was so past ready to get my driver’s license.  I got my license later than my friends because we moved from Louisiana to Texas.  I had to wait to take driver’s ed.

I, Bill Windsor, used to drive up and down our short driveway.  We had an ugly green Valiant with push-button transmission.  This is my Mom standing in front of the infamous green Valiant at our home at 3019 40th Street in Lubbock, Texas.

Billy Windsor Received an Omen at 4-Years-Old

This is Billy Windsor at the age of four.

There really wasn’t such a thing as an imprinted T-shirt back then, but I’m sure wearing one.

What’s extra special about this photo is that in 1977, I launched the magazine and trade show for the T-shirt business.  Impressions Magazine and the Imprinted Sportswear Shows have been credited with creating an industry.  I have been known as the “father of the imprinted sportswear industry.”  I guess that now makes me, William M. Windsor, the grandfather.  Impressions Magazine and the Imprinted Sportswear Shows are still going after 42 years.

Billy Windsor

Baby book for Billy Windsor.

Walter Windsor and Mary Windsor were The Best Parents Ever

My Mom was Mary Windsor, and she was the best mom ever!  She was a stay-at-home mom.
And my Dad was Walter Windsor. He was the best father ever!

I was the first-born child.  My brother and two sisters followed.

I was a very lucky boy.  My siblings and I could not have had a better childhood.  My Dad wasn’t paid what he was worth as the manager of television stations while I was a child.  I always thought we were “rich.”  We weren’t, but we had a very comfortable life.

I, William Michael Windsor, was born in Columbus, Georgia.  My Dad and Mom had just driven to Columbus from California with my Mom almost nine months pregnant.  Dad became the General Manager of WGBA Radio in Columbus.

We were living in a motel when Mom went into labor.  Dad didn’t want his son to come home from the hospital to a motel room, so he raced out and rented this home at 2222 Buena Vista Road, Columbus, Georgia.