Bill Windsor Launched the Imprinted Sportswear Show in New Orleans, Louisiana in March 1980

In March 1980, Bill Windsor launched the Imprinted Sportswear Show in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The staff had grown to over 80 people by 1980.

The businesses moved to a new office on Dallas North Parkway in Dallas, Texas.

Bill Windsor Launched Another Trade Show and Conference in 1979.

The second annual Imprinted Sportswear Show was held in January 1979 at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.  Each show was set up as a separate corporate entity.  Business #14.

The second show was twice the size of the first show.  The business grew from no employees to 10 employees in six months.

Several Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders made a special appearance at the Second Imprinted Sportswear Show.

William M. Windsor Started a Trade Show Company in 1978

In 1978, William M. Windsor launched the Imprinted Sportswear Shows for the “imprinted sportswear industry.”  He founded Windsor Presentations to own the first trade show.  Business #13.

After a year in Dallas working out of a desk in the corner of the master bedroom in a small apartment, Bill opened an office in the Dallas Petroleum Center.

The office was for both Windsor Communications and Windsor Presentations.

Bill hired a receptionist. She was quickly promoted to editor of IMPRESSIONS Magazine.  The first event produced by Windsor Presentations was a huge success, so the business was moved to a much larger office.  Within a year, the staff grew from one to 17.

In 1977, Bill Windsor Launched a Magazine Publishing Company.

In 1977, William M. Windsor launched IMPRESSIONS Magazine as the magazine for what Bill named the “imprinted sportswear industry.”  Business #12.

In quite a coup, Bill was able to get Farrah Fawcett for the cover of the premiere issue of IMPRESSIONS.

After the first two issues, Bill and Barbara sold The Wear-House, The Graphics House, and The Shirt Tale line.  Bill retained the manufacturing business for Shirtcans.  Bill moved the publishing company to the Dallas, Texas area – Richardson, Texas.

The magazine is still going strong after 41 years.