Bill Windsor – Retired Guy

Bill Windsor is a retired guy, kind of.

Bill is a serial entrepreneur who has started over 50 businesses during his career. He has started and operated businesses in a wide variety of areas — T-shirts, screenprinting, fraternity and sorority merchandise, bail bonds, university services, credit cards, research, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, advertising specialities, premiums, magazine publishing, trade shows, conferences, consulting, advertising agency, typesetting, printing, bars, restaurants, membership campgrounds, fundraising, coffee, donuts, travel, film, and more.

Once you are an entrepreneur, it’s hard to break the habit.

William M. Windsor has worked in recent years as a writer.  He has several books in various stages of completion — completes, almost complete, somewhat complete, not very complete, and not even started.  Bill has developed a couple of ideas for TV shows, and he has been working with an agent in New York.

He has also done contract writing work.  He has found himself writing about things that he knows little about, such as perfume, and things he knows a little about, such as auto parts.  Many of the contract writing assignments involve researching topics such as fire safety, home remodeling, and commercial real estate financing.  Then Bill gets to write about topics he is very familiar with, such as business management.

William M. Windsor is also working on some websites that lost all of their content several years ago.  Bill is reviving Round America, World’s Largest, and National Register of Historic Places.

But Bill Windsor’s greatest passions are helping others and battling the pandemic of judicial corruption, law enforcemet corruption, attorney corruption, and government corruption.  His primary websites are LawlessAmerica and Coach Houses at Leesburg.